Mission: "Improvement of the mental health of our compatriots by facilitating the harmonization of man with his external and inner world, using modern achievements of science in the field of mental and neurological health"

We have been created with the end of applying the results of scientific research in the domain of psychoneurological health for the good of man.

We strive to harmonize mental well-being of each man, to stabilize the level of functioning in the family, to further prosperity and progress in the vocational and social life, maintenance of favorable psychological atmosphere in society.

We work with the purpose of transmitting a healthy mental heritage to the generations to come.

We develop a new view of man on the basis of the holistic biopsychosocial approach.

We work out novel methods and ways of diagnosis and treatment of psychoneurological disorders.

We improve the quality of life of those suffering from mental and neurological disorders.

We seek to destigmatize psychiatry in the Russian and world community.

We struggle for diminishing economical and social burden of mental diseases.

We consider the mental health of the population of Russia to be the basis of national security.

Our objectives

  • Conducting evidence-based scientific research work in psychology, psychiatry, narcology, neurology and other disciplines that study man's psychology.
  • Providing of high-quality medical psychoneurological care corresponding to modern standards and application of novel progressive technologies in this area.
  • Professional training with conducting exclusive courses and workshops of specialists in the field of psychoneurology.
  • For achievement of these goals our Institute has all accessible possibilities in its disposal and makes further efforts in improvement of the quality of medical services, heightening of effectiveness and satisfaction of patients, introducing novel progressive technologies of diagnosis and treatment, training and research.

    We see partners in our patients and we work with each of them on the basis of complex and individual approaches, reciprocal long-term co-operation, full information openness. We value the confidence of our patients.




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